Dimple Lock Opening Durham

Dimple Lock Opening DurhamDimple Lock Opening Durham

Dimple Lock Opening, Durham – we have a new member for 2024. We’ve had a good year, and I thought I would update you with a new tool member in my arsenal. The 1-star dimple pick. This is for opening stubborn, broken, security dimple locks.

The Dimple lock opening

Dimple locks have a distinct mechanism, with concave depressions or “dimples” at least not like the traditional pins. This calls for specialized tools – namely, the dimple lock pick – designed to interface with these unique lock structures.


Picking a dimple lock demands a nuanced touch, manual dexterity, and an intimate comprehension of the lock’s inner workings.

Dimple lock opening Durham is a high-security context due to their resistance to conventional lock-picking techniques. Yet, with the aid of a dimple lock pick, proficient locksmiths can adeptly navigate these intricate systems. The process underscores the delicate balance of skill and finesse.

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Dan Higgins - Higgins Locksmiths in Durham

Dan Higgins

Dan Higgins, owner of Higgins Locksmiths in Durham, boasts over six years of locksmith experience. He is DBS checked and a qualified member of the Guild of Master Locksmiths, committed to providing prompt and reliable services, keeping Durham's homes and businesses secure.