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Higgins Locksmiths offer bespoke UPVC locksmith services including lock repairs, replacement, and installation.

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UPVC Lock Repair

Can’t lock or unlock your UPVC door lock? Is the UPVC door not closing properly? Then call Higgins Locksmith for fast and affordable UPVC lock repairs!

UPVC doors offer many advantages for home security, including being strong, durable, and resistant to impacts. This means that your UPVC locks offer some of the best security possible!

Unfortunately, these locking systems are susceptible to general wear and tear, while forced entry may cause some damage to the internal locking systems. For some unlucky users, their key may even break inside the lock!

In any case, Higgins Locksmiths offers fast and efficient UPVC lock repair services for homes throughout Durham.

We quickly arrive at your location and will look over the UPVC locking system to determine the cause of the fault. Sometimes there is no obvious reason for the damage, so we use our experience to establish what the problem is.

Once we know what we’re dealing with, we’ll quickly repair the UPVC lock, along with repairs to any related part of the door, including the frame and/or glass.

Most UPVC lock repairs are quick and easy. It typically involves fixing the gearbox or realigning the door with the locking points.

UPVC Lock Replacement

While highly durable, all UPVC lock systems are susceptible to deterioration over time. This often takes years to happen, meaning many homeowners don’t even realise their locks could be close to breaking!

As an experienced provider of UPVC locksmith services throughout Durham, we know the signs that your UPVC lock may need to be replaced. For example, the gearbox inside a UPVC lock system may be faulty, in which case we only need to replace this small component, saving the cost and hassle of a full lock replacement.

However, sometimes the internal mechanism of UPVC locks become rusted to the point of failure, meaning they will need to be replaced. Thankfully, we can quickly replace a full UPVC lock on any door, ensuring it does its job protecting your property.

You may also want to replace the UPVC lock system even if there are no obvious signs of damage. This is because many older UPVC doors use a euro cylinder barrel, which are less secure than other types of cylinders.

We can easily upgrade your old euro cylinder barrel to something more modern and secure, such as an anti-snap or anti-drill barrel. While more expensive, they offer unrivalled security.

UPVC Door Lockouts

Are you locked out of a house with UPVC doors? While the locks on these door types are incredibly robust, our professional UPVC locksmith service can have it unlocked in no time with minimal disruption.

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We work hard to provide the best customer service so our customers are happy and come back again. Our guarantee is unbeatable, so you can count on us to look after your locksmith needs.

Dan was kind and clear on the phone about what the problem could be when I called about my top front door lock being stuck which meant I couldn’t open the door or lock it properly. He came out promptly on the Monday, fixed the broken lock and fixed the hinges as the door had dropped which had caused the first issue. Professional, quick, and cheerful.
Rachel Fennell
Absolutely amazing service, bloke was lovely and so professional and even managed to make me laugh when I was completely at my lowest. I had my bag stolen which prompted the call out and he was the only local locksmith to answer my call. Got 5 keys for each lock which is perfect and better than others I saw online. Highly recommend
Lorna Watson
Dan was amazing! He explained my security options well and provided the best possible solutions. My premises were left secure and my mind was put at ease. I highly recommend Dan to anyone. Great value for money too!
Caroline O'Reilly

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