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Window Locks

Affordable Window Lock Repair Services from a Trusted Locksmith.

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Window Lock Services in Durham

Higgins Locksmith provides bespoke window lock solutions for homes and businesses throughout Durham.

shadow from the sun through the window in the evening

The Importance of Window Locks in Your Home

Many homeowners overlook the important role window lock play in home security. Windows are a massive target for burglars, as most realise that not everyone has the most secure locks. Some windows don’t even have locks in the first place!

When it comes to home security, window locks are just as vital as door locks. Your windows are a main access point so will be targeted by a burglar, meaning it’s essential to have good working locks in place!

If you don’t have any window locks or your locks are damaged or outdated, then call Higgins Locksmiths today! We are a fully certified locksmith providing a range of window lock services, including repairs, lock replacements, and window lock installations.

Window Lock Repair Services

Window locks don’t always receive the care and maintenance as a door lock. This causes many window locks to become damaged over time, with things like moisture causing rust. The constant impact of opening and closing windows may also cause damage to the locks.

In the worst-case scenario, your window locks may have been damaged by an attempted break-in. Burglars often attempt to open windows using brute force, causing the locks to become damaged.

No matter the cause of damage to the window locks, Higgins Locksmiths is here to help. With extensive experience in all types of window security, so can repair most window damaged window locks in no time.

Our lock repair services are suitable for the following types of windows:

  • Wooden Window Locks
  • UPVC Window Locks
  • Metal Window Locks

Window Lock Replacement Services

Whether you need to change window locks due to a security issue or simply want to upgrade to something more robust, our window lock replacement service has you covered.

There are various situations where you may want to replace your window locks, with some common issues including:

  • Lost keys for the window locks
  • Moved homes and want to replace the window locks
  • Your home was burgled
  • Home insurance requirements

If you’ve experienced any of these situations, then you’ll want to find a reliable locksmith experienced in window security – which is exactly what you get with Higgins Locksmith.

With a deep knowledge of all types of window lock systems, we can provide a range of lock replacement solutions. Whether you’ve experienced a security threat or just want to enhance your home security, we can replace any type of lock in your home.

As window locks experts, we can recommend the best lock for your current window type, with locks available for wood windows, metal windows, and UPVC windows.

Don’t have any window locks? Then we can install a brand-new set of window locks in no time! Window locks are vital for your home security, so leave anything to chance and call us today for affordable window lock installations.

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