Access Control System Installations

Access Control System Installations

Bespoke Access Control Services for Homes and Businesses by Higgins Locksmiths.

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Leading provider of access control systems throughout the Northeast of England.

Suitable for residential and commercial properties, our access control systems provide robust security while be easy to manage.

Access Control System Installations

Access Control System Installations Durham, including all types of access control systems;

  • mechanical digital locks
  • electronic digital locks
  • smart locks

and much more! In addition, we also provide:

  • access control repairs
  • maintenance
  • upgrades

In other words, ensuring your home or business always remains safe and secure.

What is an Access Control System?

An access control system is a type of locking system used to control what people can access restricted areas of a property.

There are various types of access control products, from simple keypad locks to advanced electronic biometric locks systems.

Not only do access control systems provide excellent security, but they also allow you to control and monitor who has access throughout the property without relying on different keys.

For example, a manager could have full access throughout a business premises, while other staff only have limited access to certain areas, such as a stockroom.

In conclusion, an access control system lets you manage who has access to any part of your building!

What are the Benefits of an Access Control System Installation?

Restrict Access to a Property

A key benefit of these locking systems is easily controlling access throughout a property. You can manage what areas of a property people can access, as systems are easily adjusted to accommodate your requirements.

For example, you can set specific times and days for access, such as only providing staff access during hours of operations. With remote access control, you can easily adjust who has access to your premises at any point.

Also, it’s possible to monitor the system, letting you track employee or guest activity throughout the property. This is great should any security issues arise, allowing you to review who access the restricted area.

Excellent Security

Access control systems provide fantastic security for residential and commercial properties. Comparatively, as they are advanced breaking is difficult. Additionally, interconnected systems quickly alert you to any attempts of unauthorised access.

It’s much harder to break into a property with a control panel or electronic locking system – it’s an outstanding deterrent for your property! So, expect exceptional security from an access control system.

Keyless Access

A conventional lock and key system are a lot of hassle for many homes and businesses. Lose your keys = change your locks.

Access control systems installations offer more convenience in this situation, as you can simply distribute a card, fob, or code for access control. If any of these are lost or misplaced, you simply change the programming, saving a lot of time and hassle compared to replacing keys, locks, etc.

Types of Access Control Systems Installations

Higgins Locksmith carries the latest access control systems to ensure the best security for your home or business. We have installed all types of access control systems, with fast and efficient installations guaranteed.

Standalone Access Control Systems

Standalone systems for usage on a single door. Therefore, they don’t require any wiring, making them cheaper and quicker to install. Standalone systems are usually battery-operated. Similarly, mechanical code locks are one of the most popular examples of standalone access control systems.

Online Access Control Systems

Most access control systems are controlled online. A single piece of software from a PC or laptop controls the entire system.

Popular examples of online access control systems include:

  • Card Readers
  • Fob Readers
  • Electronic Access Control Panels
  • Biometric Access Controls

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