Types Of Locks Comprehensive Guide to Ensuring Security (2024)

Types Of Locks Comprehensive Guide to Ensuring Security 24-hour Locksmith Services in DurhamTypes Of Locks Comprehensive Guide to Ensuring Security 24-hour Locksmith Services in Durham

Rim Cylinders ( types of lock)

Rim cylinders are part of a rim night latch locking system (often referred to as a Yale Types Of Locks). They can be found on wooden doors. It’s a different type of locking from the standard locking systems; specifically, it’s the outer part on the outside where you place your key into the lock to open the door. This kind of cylinder has been around for a very long time, and as an experienced locksmith, I have the knowledge and expertise to work with it and deliver a professional locksmith service of the highest standard. I even had one on my grandma’s door – the basic version, which has not changed even in these modern times!

Types Of Locks Comprehensive Guide to Ensuring Security
Types Of Locks Comprehensive Guide to Ensuring Security

Push-Button Locks ( types of lock)

Push-button locks are a locking system that operates when the correct buttons are pushed in the proper sequence, and the doorknob is rotated to open the door. A new combination is set when the lock is installed, using many of the five button combinations as desired. Buttons may be pressed individually or in unison. There are thousands of possible combinations to make it very hard to guess the code. These can be found – but not necessarily limited to – wood doors.

Euro Cylinder

The basic five-pin cylinders are the basic (entry-level) cylinder lock systems for most doors. Although they do the job, they are cheaply made and do not have the same security benefits as the more expensive cylinders like anti-snap and anti-drill. These are not suitable for external doors.

Upgraded Euro Profile Lock

This is a different type of lock than the standard ones, which come featuring Anti-Bump, Anti-Pick, Anti-Screw, and Anti-Drill protection. The cylinder is secure by Design and approved by many people. This is a high-security lock that comes highly recommended by Dan Higgins, Durham’s established local locksmith. They come in a variety of sizes and are commonly found in UPVC- but not limited to. They are a must to install, especially if you live in an area with high crime activity.


A 5-lever mortice deadlock is commonly fitted to wooden doors and has a no-through spindle for a handle. It is locked from both sides with a key, and the deadlocks are fitted within the material of the door. They are vulnerable as they don’t Carry a hard plate and are most commonly found in wood doors, but not limited.

UPVC Internal Mechanism

UPVC internal mechanism is also known as a (gearbox). In some cases, when a multi-point lock fails, it is just the center case that is faulty, not the whole of your lock. Instead of replacing the complete full-length multi-point lock, you would only need to replace the gearbox. In some cases, however, it might be a case of replacing the whole lot, especially when it’s rusted or broken beyond repair.

Shutter Bullet Lock
Shutter Bullet Lock

Shop Shutter Bullet Lock

Roller shutter security is an asset for any business when protecting your business’ shop windows and doors. Shutter Locks come in a variety of different types depending on your needs: whether you’re interested in bullet locks or housing locks, both can be installed on shutter systems.

Night Latch

A night latch is a solid type of lock fitted on the surface (on the inside) of a door. It is operated from the outside of the door with a key and from the interior (inside) by a latch-type of knob. Night latch is a secure type of lock, but you need to be careful, as it is responsible for about 30% of lockouts.
Do you have an emergency with your night latch system and need 24-hour assistance? Call Dan Higgins, your local Durham locksmith, who guarantees to respond to your emergency.

Sash Lock

A sash lock is one of the types of door locks that uses a handle lock & a latch system, meaning you can open and close the door without worrying about locking it behind you. It comes in a variety of different security levels and lock finishes depending on your requirements. They are insurance-approved mortice sash locks- look for the BS3621 Kitemark to confirm. They are a type of lock mostly commonly found in wooden doors.

Wireless Video doorbell

A video doorbell is a great add-on option for helping to increase the overall security of your home. Video doorbells can be used to identify potential burglars and alert homeowners quickly to potential threats. A video doorbell system can put off potential criminals by alerting them about being recorded and making them think you are home. They carry so many features, like linking them to your smartphone, and alerting you if there is a motion outside your door. They can be adapted to fit a wide range of doors, highly recommended.

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